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Mark Greenaway's Signature Canapé Collection

Leaders in the Edinburgh culinary scene, Chef Mark Greenaway and celebrated catering company Appetite Direct, have come together to offer a signature canapé range like no other. Mark Greenaway is constantly approached about private events and outside catering; more often than not he has to turn them down. The kitchen at his eponymous restaurant on 69 North Castle Street is compact and its sole purpose is to feed the customers in the dining room. Because of the small space it does not allow for extra functions to be considered. Mark approached Appetite Direct to see if he could somehow solve this conundrum once and for all.

Appetite Direct is a multi-award winning boutique catering company based in Edinburgh. Having provided bespoke food for over 400 events in the past year alone and winning the coveted Best Caterer Award at both the Scottish Event Awards and the UK Event Awards it is not difficult to see why Mark had them as his first port of call for his signature canapé idea. From the very first meeting, there was huge excitement and positivity surrounding the project. Nigel Kennedy, Director of Appetite Direct and Cat Johnson, Head Chef at Appetite Direct soon set the wheels in motion.

After many sessions of brain storming and discussion, Mark set about designing a unique list of canapés that portrayed the style of food that he is known for. Using local ingredients, classic flavour combinations and techniques, he brings them up to date with current and playful twists for the modern palate. Mark spent time with the team in the Appetite kitchen to teach them every element of each canapé. All ground was covered from sourcing ingredients to presentation. Other side projects also ensued including photo shoots and filming – the enthusiasm continued to grow!

Nigel Kennedy said, “We are really delighted to have the opportunity to work on this thrilling project with Mark. Mark’s signature range of canapés reflects the creativity and flair already on display at his eponymous restaurant and is an exciting addition to our range of menus. Mark Greenaway’s Signature Canapé Collection is sure to be huge hit with discerning event bookers and we are looking forward to a busy summer season with the new menu.”

Mark Greenaway said “As an ambassador for Scottish food and drink and this being the year of food and drink in Scotland, I was looking for new ways to expand and offer my food at outside events across the country. My first port of call was to sit down with the team at Appetite Direct as their reputation in the Edinburgh culinary scene is second to none. This partnership is wonderful as it allows me to reach beyond my restaurant kitchen. The canapés themselves stick to my style of using classic methods and local ingredients but updating them with modern touches. I am really looking forward to seeing them presented at Appetite Direct’s events and celebrations throughout the year.”

Excitement buzzed in both the Appetite Direct kitchen and Restaurant Mark Greenaway and in order to share this, a select few were invited to be the first to experience the signature canapé range in an exclusive event at Restaurant Mark Greenaway on Monday 1st June.

For those looking to impress their guests with Mark Greenaway’s renowned food at their next event, the full range of signature canapés is now available through Appetite Direct.

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