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2020, a year unlike any before it. 
For Chef Mark Greenaway, it was about returning to the comfort foods of childhood, namely the humble pie. With a restaurant in the Waldorf Astoria & a “best in the world” cookbook, mark now had to adapt. Learning that the number of pie shops in London had dwindled from hundreds to just 20, mark set about creating a concept that remastered a once-loved, inherently British dish, inspired by his time spent between London & Edinburgh. After months of diligent testing, the result is a number of seasonal mouth-watering combinations, a revolution of the pie as we know it.
The first location of Greenaway’s Pie & Mash shop is now open on 45 Villiers street London ahead of Mark’s signature restaurant opening later this year. After a long period of development, sourcing the finest ingredients from his network of trusted suppliers, Mark’s opening menu includes confit duck & lentil, butternut squash & goat’s cheese, chicken & mushroom, beef & onion, for dessert apple & rhubarb topped with whipped cream and custard. Buttery mash, mushy peas and unctuous gravy sit atop each savoury pie, available for the first time from 15th April.

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