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Tweet What You Eat Workshop

The 'tweet what you eat' workshop at Restaurant Mark Greenaway is aimed at helping foodies get the best from their smartphone camera and apps.

The debate on whether restaurants should allow diners to take pictures of their food during service has been running for some time now, and it's something chef Mark Greenaway has decided to embrace at both his Edinburgh restaurants.

However, he suggests that if people are intent on photographing their meals they may benefit from a little assistance: "I recognise that a candle-lit dining room plus a smartphone equals a tricky situation. Use your flash and the food loses all it’s character, and without it, the food turns into a dark mush distorting the hard work that's been done in the kitchen. So I want to help”.

Mark continued: “I spend a lot of time developing dishes so they look appealing on the plate, so it's understandable that some people will want to take pictures. So many of us are doing it now that I think rather than banning it, we should be embracing it as a part of 21st-century restaurant culture”.

Mark will be joined by Edinburgh-based food photographer Paul Johnston of CopperMango Photography and food blogger Hilary Sturzaker of


Mark in The Times sharing his views on tweeting food images

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