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Congratulations to the whole team!

In our last blog post, we revealed that we were excited to find out that we had made the National Restaurant Awards Top 100 list. Earlier this week, Mark and Nicola attended the awards ceremony in London and we are so pleased to announce that we are number 95, and we are one of only five Scottish restaurants on the list!

The whole team, front and back of house, work so hard to deliver a special dining experience to every customer, and it's wonderful for this to be recognised - congratulations!

But the good news doesn't stop there, Mark has also been notified that he has been ranked in the world's top 300 chefs again by the Best Chef Awards! Last year he was thrilled to be placed at #160, we can't wait to see what news the 2018 awards will bring.

Finally on the theme of awards, voting is open in the Observer Food Monthly Awards or 2018. We have been runners-up the past few years, maybe 2018 will be our year? If you have enjoyed dining with us in the past year, we would really appreciate your vote:

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