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Edinburgh Evening News 54 - Summer Vegetable Garden

This time of year brings a host of colourful and vibrant vegetables into my restaurant kitchen, so much so that I was inspired to create a new ‘garden’ starter.

The rich and smooth pea custard in this recipe acts as a really substantial base for the light, crunchy vegetables.

As spring is turning into summer, it really lends itself to a dish like this where you can take full advantage of the abundance of amazing ingredients available not only at your local greengrocer but also at your local farmers’ market. The farmers’ markets in Edinburgh are second to none so why not take advantage of the beautiful weather we’ve had this week and pay yours a visit? It makes for a great day out and you are bound to head home with a scrumptious selection of seasonal ingredients.

This recipe is definitely one to try at home. Not only can it be fully prepared ahead of time but it is also truly versatile. It makes an attractive vegetarian starter but equally it could be served as an alternative to crudités and dip at a summer party. The vegetables that cover the dish act as crudités which guests can use to scoop up the pea custard.

You can find the full recipe here.

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