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Edinburgh Evening News 58 - Pan Roasted Sea Bass with Peas à la Française

Fresh Scottish peas are one of our best summer ingredients in my opinion.

They can be included in salads, used as a side dish or made into a delicious soup. Sadly the summer pea season is soon coming to an end so get your hands on some this week and make the most of them while you have the chance! Fresh peas need very little preparation, they can be simply warmed through till tender, this way they retain a slight crunch along with their sweet flavour.

My recipe this week celebrates our Scottish peas with the help of some smoked bacon and sea bass. Any white fish would work in this dish and the outcome is a light and fresh main course perfect for the summer months. Peas à la Francaise is a traditional French recipe. Peas prepared in this way can be used as a side dish or base for so many meals.

You can find the full recipe here.

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